About Our School

“We are Caring, Sharing, Loving, Peaceful People.”

Mary’s Peppermint Stick Pre-School is a developmentally appropriate learning and growing center. It is our belief that each child is following their own “growth chart”. By allowing children the freedom to develop at their own pace in a fun, exciting, stimulating, and nurturing environment they will naturally learn the fundamentals. In doing this, the foundation for excellence is laid. We incorporate a variety of activities in each class period. The children are encouraged to take part in all daily opportunities including many tactile mediums such as sand, water, paint, coloring, and play dough.

Children also have ample opportunity to engage in social situations with peers and adults. The multiage classroom of three though six year olds allows each child to follow their own “developmental clock” without the pressures of competition. Our curriculum is based on the belief that children learn what they live. We encourage children to respect and be kind to each other, respect and be kind to all things, and respect and be kind to themselves. In doing so, we have less conflict in the classroom. We discourage any form of destructive interactions, whether verbal or physical. Our teachings are rich in the traditions of all people and in the respect for our environment. We focus on the acceptance of all cultures and beliefs by introducing music, festivals, foods, folk lore and traditions from all continents. We also present the more traditional aspects of preschool. Shapes, colors, letters and sounds, numerals and number groupings, and self-help skills are all part of the daily routine. We try to go outside often to view the “gifts that nature gives us”. We may walk around our beautiful neighborhood or romp on the playground.

Our ultimate goal is to bring your child’s self-esteem to soaring heights!

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